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Teaching the next generation of smart contract developers.

Kickstart your smart contract development career and build real world projects, guided by industry leading experts.

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Why Us

For beginners and experts

Learn smart contract development through step-by-step tutorials and projects taught by the industry’s leading experts.



Education should be accessible by everyone. This is why our courses are open and free from any charge


Industry Leading

Our courses are created by world-recognized experts to offer you the highest level of education in web3.

Start when you want

Start when you want

Study full time, part time, and anywhere in between.

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Over 100,000 Students Taught

Join a community of students in Web3.

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Build real life projects

Create your smart contract development portfolio and apply your knowledge to real-world use cases. Build a portfolio with dozens of projects to bring your career to the next level.

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Our Courses

Whether you're new to web3, a seasoned engineer, or an aspirant smart contract auditor, we have the right courses for you.

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Blockchain Basics

Start where you’re comfortable! Learn how blockchains work, what smart contracts are, and, how to sign your first transaction. Whether you’re new or are a seasoned developer, there’s something here for you.

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500+ users have taken this course.

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Course Outline
  • What is Web3?
  • The Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • DeFi

The Solidity Path

Solidity 101

If you’re new to writing smart contracts, start here! Learn Solidity development, how to write your first smart contract, deploy them on the EVM, or create your ERC20 token.

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What is Solidity?

Best Practices

Solidity fundamentals

Simple Storage

Storage Factory

Fund Me

AI Prompting

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500+ users have taken this course.

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Foundry 101

Already know Solidity? Your next step is installing Foundry! Learn how Foundry forge and cast work, how to write Solidity tests for your smart contracts or run local blockchain testnets using Anvil.

Advanced Foundry

Become a Foundry expert! Learn advanced techniques to develop, deploy, test, optimise and interact with your smart contract using industry standard tools used by the top smart contracts engineers in web3

Security & Auditing

Smart Contract Auditing

Start your career as a smart contract auditor! The ultimate smart contract security course will teach you best practices for writing secure and optimized smart contracts. Learn techniques like fuzzing, invariant testing, formal verification, and the smart contract auditing tools used by the world's top auditors.

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Course Outline
  • What is a smart contract audit
  • Your first audit
  • Manual and Static Analysis
  • Invariants and Intro to DeFi

Students love us

Student testimonials

We’ve helped thousands of people landing a job in web3 and level up their careers, but don’t just take our word for it:

If there’s one resource that Web3 developers point to, it’s Cyfrin’s ultimate tutorials. They’re standout resources that have empowered countless developers to learn blockchains, learn Solidity, and dive deep into Web3 development.




We can build systems for Ethereum scaling but without education, it’s all for nothing. Updraft is the first step towards adoption for Web3 education. We can now mint security focused developers at scale!

Tony Olendo

Tony Olendo

Lead Devrel Engineer, Polygon

Cyfrin's course was a cornerstone of my journey into Web3, providing me with the fundamentals and hands-on experience that have been pivotal to my journey in the blockchain space.



Lead Developer Relations, Scroll

Cyfrin Updraft videos on smart contract development have been instrumental in my blockchain journey, standing out with their clarity and accessibility. Their readiness to support and engage with learners makes me excited for more of their interactive and insightful content in the Web3 space

Francesco Andreoli

Francesco Andreoli


I took Cyfrin course and I’ve been working as a solutions developer at OpenZeppelin for the last few months. It was by far the most comprehensive resource and the one that really teached me the fundamentals and made me want to switch from web2 to web3

Gustavo Gonzalez

Gustavo Gonzalez

Solutions Engineer, OpenZeppelin

The Cyfrin courses were a game-changer for me. They provided a well-structured and comprehensive introduction to web3 and blockchain development. The knowledge I gained allowed me to transition into a full-time role as a blockchain developer. I can't recommend these courses enough!

Albert Hu

Albert Hu

DeForm Founding Engineer

I took Cyfrin’s courses, and I took them seriously. At least one hour every day, documented the progress, didn’t skip any second. Haven’t found a better web3 course since. Now I’m full-time in web3, working as Senior Developer Advocate at Ceramic Network.



Senior Developer Advocate, Ceramic

Cyfrin have been an absolute game-changers in my journey into blockchain. Saying their courses were remarkable, would be an understatement. Thanks to their expert guidance, I gained a deep understanding of blockchain to its roots. I'm forever grateful for their role in helping me get started in web3.




Cyfrin blockchain and Foundry/AI courses were incredible. I've gained valuable knowledge, grown, empowering myself and others. Thank you, Cyfrin!



Developer Relations Engineer, Axelar

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